If there are any non-riders in your life, it may be a challenge to convince them you should go off on your own for a week in paradise. We understand – and we want to make it work for everyone. This is why we have our Travel Partners program.

Travel Partners:  includes three meals a day, access to camp and all its amenities, daily transportation, a ride from town to town each day, with time to explore the towns along the way and excursion options which sometimes include an extra fee. TPs have already experienced fly-fishing, river-rafting, zip-lining, a wild mustang tour, ghost town tours, distillery tours, and hiking.  Either way, you get to meet up later to compare your day's adventures.

No Personal Vehicles - please!

Here's where we need to be a bit strict. We welcome Travel Partners - but not in their own vehicle. We want to minimize the number of our vehicles on the course each day. So when you sign your ride waiver/rules, you have to agree to this rule, and we will enforce it. Bus transportation is available every day, and that's the only option for Travel Partners.