By Car

With a point to point ride, we will be running a shuttle for you, your bike and your luggage before the tour begins.  Parking will be provided in Lander, Wyoming;  shuttles will run Friday and Saturday PRIOR to the ride to Cody, Wyoming.  This allows your car to be at the finish line.  Lander to Cody Shuttles will occur at the times listed below.  You can sign up for the shuttles in your rider information email provided after March 15, 2018. 

Friday, August 10, 2 pm and 4 pm

Saturday, August 11, 10 am, 12 pm and 2 pm

Limited parking will be provided in Cody, WY for those wishing to be shuttled from the finish to the start - shuttle will run late Saturday afternoon, August 18.  Please do not ask for an earlier shuttle, we will be providing shuttles based on flight times as they take priority.  Those shuttle times will be posted after June 2018 when flight shuttles have been determined. 

Rental Car?  

Enterprise, one of our sponsors, offers a discount to our cyclists renting a car during Cycle Greater Yellowstone.  Click here or on their logo below to take advantage of this offer.  

By Airline

We recommend using the Cody airport if possible.  We will provide airport shuttle service Friday/Saturday prior to the ride and Saturday/Sunday after the ride. SHUTTLE TIMES WILL ALIGN WITH FLIGHTS IN CODY, RIVERTON (Lander) AND BILLINGS.  Riverton is a very small airport with only a few times - shuttles will run accordingly.  Billings - we will accommodate a few flights on one or two shuttles.  

Friday/Saturday, August 10 -11: Cody Airport (Yellowstone Regional Airport) to Cody Camp AND Billings, MT (Logan International Airport) to Cody Camp or hotels. 

Friday/Saturday, August 10-11:  Riverton Airport to Cody, WY Note: The Riverton airport has shuttle service in and out of Lander, WY but limited to Denver connections.  RIVERTON FLIGHT TIMES

Saturday, August 18: Finish line in Lander back to Cody, Wyoming (about 3 hour bus ride), Billings, MT (about a 4.5 hour bus ride) and Riverton, WY.  BUSES WILL NOT LEAVE LANDER BEFORE 12 NOON SATURDAY, there are only two flights in Cody that this shuttle time will accommodate:  United 5 pm and Delta/Skywest 6:20 pm.  If you make flight arrangements before our shuttles can accommodate your flight, you're on your own to make the flight.  We will make sure people make it back to Cody and Billings for Sunday flights - shuttles will be determined by flights. 

Flying with your bike?  You'll be able to tell us in your Rider Information.  It will be important for you to tell us this as we have to make space for a bike case on shuttles and plan for your bike case for the week.   We highly encourage shipping your bike.  With a one-way tour this year, it's trickier with bike boxes on the shuttles to and from the airport.  Shipping to Lander, letting us bring it to Cody, then finishing where it's boxed up will be a lot easier then it seems.  


First, thank you for shipping your bike vs. flying with your bike.  Second, we highly recommend getting a bike case specific for shipping bikes.  We do not recommend using a bike box.  They get damaged.  Your bike is worth it!

You may ship your bike via Fed Ex or UPS to our 2018 bike site in Lander:  Gannett Peak Sports 351- B Main Street, Lander, Wyoming 82520.   

WHY ARE YOU SHIPPING YOUR BIKE TO LANDER?  So your bike box is at the end of the ride with you.  This way all we need to do get you to the airport.  We will transport your bike to Cody for the start.  We use a professional service, High Country Shipping - they have been moving our bikes around for the past 5 years.  You're bike is in good hands.  PLEASE SHIP to Cody ONLY if you are arriving early (before Friday, August 10) and must ride your bike.  Bikes will be carefully driven to Cody by High Country Shipping Friday evening.  

Want your bike in Cody before Friday night/Saturday morning?  If you need to ride your bike before Saturday, you can ship it to Joyvagen in Cody - 901 12th Street, Cody, Wyoming 82414.  They are a small shop, so only do this if you MUST ride before Saturday.  Additionally, CGY is not handling any of these logistics and you must get your own bike from Joyvagen, pay them their fees directly and you are now in charge of your own bike case and where it will be stored in Cody.

CGY Mechanics will be onsite to assemble and disassemble bikes for an additional fee. You have the opportunity to sign up for these services in your Rider Information. Ship your bike with Bike Flights.  High Country Shipping will be onsite to help with baggage and coordinate assembly.


If you don't want to fly with all of your baggage, that can be done too.  Gear can be shipped to our Cody address (TBD) and then travel along with you on the tour and shipped from Lander to your next destination.  Gannett Peak Sports 351- B Main Street, Lander, Wyoming 82520.