Your route crews are wonderful! They stand in the heat and the cold and the wind and the rain and make sure we don’t miss a turn. AND, they always have a smile. Amazing!
For the week I forgot the rest of the world, and didn’t miss it a bit.
The leaders exuded confidence and calmness, and made it easy to relax and trust everything would be taken care of.
The volunteers were uniformly awesome.
I don’t think I quit smiling the whole week.
Thank you ALL VERY MUCH for what you did! It’s been an exceptional and awesome experience for me and very worth it to travel all the way from Switzerland to Red Lodge.
Very well organized, supplying hand warmers for the cold day was impressive as was having hot soup at the top of Beartooth. Thanks for a great week.
The food was out of this world good and the Sherpas were absolutely worth every penny extra.
The organization took great care of us and worked super-hard to ensure a great time.
Lots of great people from all walks of life and of all ages.
Great logistics and stunning scenery.
The riding was incredible, the crew was wonderful, and the volunteers were great!
Liked the smaller group of riders. It did provide more of a sense of community.
I felt challenged on the rides, and completely spoiled in the camps.
I have never felt so relaxed, and I met some of the nicest people in my life.