Rules of the Ride

Cycle Greater Yellowstone is a large-scale event; only with the cooperation of everyone involved can we make it safe and enjoyable for all our participants as well as our volunteers and staff, other people on the roads, the residents of our host communities and others.

Prior to arriving at the event or upon registration, you have to sign a waiver (available soon) that acknowledges you are aware of these rules, that you understand them, and you will obey them. If you break or ignore a rule, we can and will remove you from our event, with no refund. So let's all play nice!

  1. The cardinal rule: ride safely. You must obey traffic laws, heed the orders of any law enforcement officers and take the advice of any event staff or volunteers who find your riding to be unsafe.

  2. Cardinal rule part 2: Stay to the right, on the shoulder or as far right in the lane as is safe. Never cross the center line, even when passing another rider. Ride single-file unless there is no vehicle traffic, and then ride only two wide at most. Ride in pacelines only if you can do so safely; be aware of other riders and their skill and comfort levels.

  3. When passing a cyclists, only pass on the left. NEVER PASS ON THE RIGHT! And as a courtesy, let the cyclist(s) being passed know they are being passed by saying "on your left".

  4. Helmets are required at all times while riding.

  5. Only self-propelled bicycles will be allowed; no electric-assist or other motorized vehicles allowed.

  6. You will be issued a participant wristband when you check in for the event. This is your official event ID; keep it on at all times during the week. Only people with wristbands on will be allowed access to event amenities such as meals.

  7. You need to fill out and sign our Rider Waiver and Medical Questionnaire which will be made available in the spring. Please check your email to fill out the form online.

  8. The course is typically open each day from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., and course support is only offered during those hours; if the course hours are different for a particular day you will be notified ahead of time. Please do not start before 7 a.m.; if you do, you will not be covered by our insurance or any of our safety resources. If you are still on the course at 5 p.m., we'll offer you a ride to camp; if you refuse it, you are riding on your own, without any support services or other protection. Likewise, if you ride off the course at any time, you are no longer supported.

  9. Riders, their families, friends or others are not allowed to bring a personal vehicle on the event, due to safety and logistics concerns. If you are found to have an associated vehicle accompanying you, you will be removed from the event, with no refund.

  10. Anyone found to not be having fun will be subject to a serious pep talk, and possible public shaming if your attitude doesn't improve. (Just making sure you're still reading.)