Registration Costs

CGY 2017 is sold out.  You can click through the registration and get on the waitlist and we will notify you of any upcoming spots.  In addition, our jerseys are for purchase, even to those who cannot join us this year!


Waiver & Medical Information

You will have the opportunity to fill out medical information and sign a waiver prior to the ride.  Please check your email regularly for the online version to be sent to you.  You can read the waiver here and fill out your medical information on-site, however we prefer you do this online.  Please ask us to email it to you if you do not receive it by June 30, 2017.


Registration Includes

  • Meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner beginning with dinner on Saturday, August 19 and finishing with lunch, August 25
  • Route support - SAG, rest stops, bike mechanics, and food
  • Camping area, warm showers, clean toilets, and great new friends
  • Baggage transfer to each camp
  • Evening entertainment
  • Maps and other support materials for the week

Tent Sherpa

Sign up for the Tent Sherpa Service for an additional fee. You'll get a tent and we set it up, take it down in each camp, schlep your bags for you each day, and throw in a camp chair, a fresh towel every day, and a pair of earplugs.  We also help you get air in your air mattresses - please keep them twin size or smaller.  Double occupancy tents are sold out, however you can still purchase a single size tent (they are three person tents) and add a $25 baggage fee for your second person.  It will be a tight fit, but has been done.



All this riding can lead to the desire for a nice relaxing (or recuperative) massage, so we have a full team of LMTs to serve CGY.  It is best to make a reservation for your massages.  We will post details prior to the ride.