If you're already registered for 2018, here are some links you may need!

1.  Access 2018 Ride Guide

2.  Final Shuttle Times:  If you're not listed on a shuttle below for airline or park and shuttle, you'll be on a list for first come first serve.   Shuttles are full at certain times and may not be available.  If you have not paid for the service, you can pay when you register in Cody.  

  • AUGUST 10 & 11:  LANDER TO CODY - Be sure to be 20 minutes early.  Bikes go on the High Country Shipping trucks along with most baggage.  Buses do not have room for all of the baggage.  Baggage trucks will follow the shuttle Friday night and Saturday accordingly.  If you are worried about not having your luggage for the hotel stay on Friday night, take a small bag - we will do our best to get your large bag to you.  Please be patient with everyone.  
  • AUGUST 18 POST-RIDE SHUTTLES LANDER TO CODY - PLEASE RECALL we have not encouraged post ride shuttles for driving on the website and in most communication - especially on the Rider Information questions.  The buses CANNOT take your bike - only luggage.  This shuttle is designed for airline participants and will not accommodate built bikes.  If you need to shuttle your bike back, you must make arrangements for your bike box to be in Lander at the finish for disassembly by you or mechanics.  Best if it's shipped from Lander.  This information has been on the website under Transportation, and we have highly discouraged post ride shuttles unless on an airline.  

3. Rider Information can no longer be changed.  For emergencies and last minute changes, email Jennifer.  We will do our best to accommodate.

4. I want to purchase shuttle passes.  Available until August 7. Be sure you signed up for a shuttle time in your Rider Information.  Purchasing your pass does not ensure your shuttle time.

5. I want to purchase Travel Insurance.

6. To find out more about Tent Sherpa and purchase go to our page "Accommodations"

7.  Riding Maps?  The link has been sent in emails for access to Ride With GPS.  If you need this link resent, contact us here and request.  We also provide one map with each days ride at check-in.  You do NOT need GPS for this ride. 

Registration is sold out for 2018.

JOIN US AUGUST 11-18, 2018.  Registration is $1200 and includes:

  • All meals on route and in camp
  • Warm showers
  • Camping space
  • Route and gear support (SAG)
  • Baggage haul from camp to camp
  • Basic mechanic support
  • Additional amenities are available (on site stretch class, massage, and beer and wine garden).