We'll make sure you have plenty of directional guidance throughout your week on CGY.  Once you register for CGY we will provide you with GPS routes through Ride with GPS should you choose to keep track on a device.  GPS devices are not necessary as we provide guidance throughout the route - and we sincerely encourage you to unplug.  One our our favorite quotes from a rider in this year:  

"I was so upset when I forgot my bike computer, there was not a store around to purchase one. But you told me to just go without it and enjoy each day and unplug, so I did. And I didn't miss it once, I forgot about it."   2017 Cyclist.

First, you'll find arrival routes clearly signed, with volunteers helping you find parking and buses, packet pick-up, camping sites or anything else you need to get started. And we'll have a set of highly detailed daily route maps available, showing you an elevation profile, turn-by-turn directions, where lunch and rest stops are, attractions along the way and more. In addition, we'll have the course clearly marked by our highly efficient sign team. Oh, and in terms of navigation in a broader sense, we'll have a Help Tent set up in every camp, staffed with knowledgeable volunteers who can answer your questions and take care of your needs.

Ride Safety

Your safety on CGY is our first priority. We have multiple systems in place to provide safe places to ride and stay along the way. First, we'll pre-ride the course on bikes to ascertain if there any potential problem spots. We'll also send a team out ahead of the event to scout and sign each day's route. We'll have a fleet of fully equipped SAG vans on the road each day, spread out to cover the entire route. Each SAG will have both a driver and a radio operator, using a comprehensive HAM radio network to remain in continual contact with event officials and emergency personnel. The SAGs will carry snacks, drinks, medical kits and more, and will be available to transport riders whose bikes break down or who can't make it to the next town. Ambulances and EMT crews will be on the road and in camp, available 24/7 as needed. We'll also have a police presence on the road each day, as well as event monitors on bikes.