We are sure to offer a few extras throughout the week to accommodate your needs.  Above and beyond food, showers, SAG support, and stocked route stops we have some great extras! 

All in all, we’re committed to providing the nicest environment possible for a cushy week – except, of course, you do have to pedal 400-plus miles.

Stretch Daily

Morning Mobility (30 minutes)

Start your day with a "yoga-flow" type movement and dynamic stretching to prepare for a great day of cycling. 

Stretch and Relaxation (45 minutes)

At the end of a day of cycling, treat your body to some simple recovery stretching and relaxation poses to ease the tensions of a day in the saddle. 

Soaking Up The Local Culture

One of the reasons you’re going to want to ride with us is to get a feel for the people and places out here in the Wild West. That’s the approach we take to planning our entertainment and activities in each town.

We’re working with local cultural mavens to bring you the best local flavor possible. That includes local craft, food and other vendors, as well as opportunities to take tours, attend special events and just cruise around the great host towns.


All this riding can lead to the desire for a nice relaxing (or recuperative) massage, so we have a full team of LMTs to serve CGY.  It is best to make a reservation for your massages.  Reservations can be made now by clicking the box below.  Reservations help us plan for you!

Be A Friend, Le Patron or Defender!

There are many opportunities to support CGY and Greater Yellowstone Coalition throughout your week in the GYE.  Please take a look at our Fundraising page to find out how to become  Friend, Le Patron or Defender and earn great CGY gear!

Greater Yellowstone Entertainment & Round Tables

The centerpiece of our entertainment and education is the stage in each camp. We’ll schedule an eclectic blend of local music, maybe a movie or two for you.  Everyone gathers at the stage in the evening for event announcements, greetings from our hosts, and a bit of education on the places we’re riding through.