Sinks Canyon

By this time, you've finished the mileage required to put CGY 2018 in the books, but if you can hang around for one more ride in Sinks Canyon, we highly recommend you join us.  We will provide a breakfast, snacks to take out on the route with you and SAG support until mid-day.  The course opens at 7 am and will close at 12 pm (rest stop closes at 11 am - 10 miles from camp).  Lunch will be served 11 am - 1 pm.  Shuttles will begin after 12 noon back to Cody and Billings for flights. 

The paved portion of Sinks Canyon is about a 34 mile out and back; of course you can choose to ride as much or little as you want to explore.  Of course, you'll want to stop and look around along the way.  

Sinks Canyon is so named because of the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie, a rushing mountain river that flows out of the Wind River Mountains and through the canyon. Halfway down the canyon the river abruptly turns into a large limestone cavern, and the crashing water “sinks” into fissures and cracks at the back of the cave. The river is underground for a quarter-mile until it emerges down the canyon in a large calm pool called “The Rise.” It then continues its course into the valley below.

Sinks Canyon4.jpg