Marie and Steve Echol's 2015 CGY Experience

Cycle Greater Yellowstone 2015 took place from check-in on August 15 to the last day of riding on August 22. We visited Yellowstone National Park a couple of days before the ride to acclimate to the elevation. The scenery in this area of the country is magnificent, but the friends that we made along the way were what made it an epic ride.

Here are links to all of the posts related to our CGY ride:

Cycle Greater Yellowstone 2015: Getting There

CGY 2015: Yellowstone National Park

CGY 2015: Day 1

CGY 2015: Day 2

CGY 2015: Day 3

CGY 2015: Day 4

CGY 2015: Day 5

CGY 2015: Day 6

CGY 2015: Day 7

CGY 2015: Heading Home

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