Thank You Ambassadors

What does it take to be an ambassador? Just a bit of your time, and a passion for the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  

As you know, riding through the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is a special and amazing experience, Ambassadors help us tell the whole story. If you are interested in helping promote CGY and want to be a part of our team, we would love to hear from you - email Jennifer

Thank you again for being a part of Cycle Greater Yellowstone!

Our Current Ambassadors

Cyndy Grinde - Great Falls, Montana
Melinda Ledbetter - Dothan, Alabama
Kimberlie Breu - Nashville, Tennessee
Gretchen Lescher - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Sandy Student - Marlton, New Jersey
Sarah Gilbert - Simpsonville, South Carolina
Matt & Becky Hardy - Los Alamos, New Mexico
Richard Rafoth - Seattle, Washington
Marcia Levinson - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dennis McEwan - Sacramento, California
Brett Wartenberg - Medford, New Jersey
Suzanne Albano - Billings, Montana
Patrick Dominick - Jackson, Wyoming

Morgan Schoenecker - Anchorage, Alaska
John Cianciolo - San Francisco, California
Rob March - San Fransisco, California
Geoff Stephens - Bozeman, Montana
Chet Layman - Bozeman, Montana
Laurie and Pat de Grace - Edmonton, Alberta
Patrick Carey - Madison, WI
Andrew Moore - Denver, CO
Clark Swan - Billings, Montana
Tim Vendlinski - Oakland, California
Debbie & Mark Eisenzimmer, Gresham, OR
Rob Dubuc - Salt Lake City, Utah
Jennifer Wilson - Lander, Wyoming
Todd Skoog - Bennington, Nebraska