Camp Sites and Hotels

Please check our Route Pages for immediate updates regarding hotels accommodations, campsites and route updates.

Day 0 - Red Lodge

Day 1 - Absarokee

Day 2 - Red Lodge

Day 3 & 4 - Cooke City

Day 5 - Clark, WY

Day 6 - Red Lodge



Tent Sherpa Service

Here’s another great option: choose our Tent Sherpa service. With this comprehensive resource, you'll be provided a high-quality tent for the week, numbered so you can find it easily in each camp. Every morning all you do is wake up, pack your bag and leave it in your tent. Go enjoy your ride, and – voila! – it’ll be set up in the next camp.  It’s still camping, but way better.  

Sherpa provides tent, towels, chair and other small helpful amenities that come up during the week.  You need to bring your own sleeping bag and mat to sleep on.  If your sleeping mat requires air, they can help with that as well!  Large double tents are sold out, but single tents are still available.  You can add one additional person to a single tent - single tents are 4-person tents which are big enough for two, but quite cozy. 

Available October 5 , 2018 for 2019 purchase.

Community Shuttle Service

We’re offering free shuttle service to multiple spots in each host community. This is for use by people staying in local lodging as well as any riders wanting to spend time in the communities, if it’s too far to walk from camp. We will announce the shuttle stops in each town.  It is important that you fill out your Rider Information in the link emailed to registered riders to ensure hotel shuttle locations.