2014 Tour Jersey

Tour Jersey Tour Jersey

Cycle Greater Yellowstone is making a big splash in the cycling world, and that's reflected in our iconic apparel designs. Last year's jersey was a huge hit – we sold out and had to order more – and for 2014 we're going big again. This kaleidoscope-effect jersey is truly unique; you're not going to see anything like this on anyone but a CGY rider.

You can order any jersey, in separate men's and women's sizes, as part of your registration process, or you can do it right here: Order your jersey today!

Jerseys will be handed out at the beginning of the 2014 event.


2014 Alternate Jersey

Tour Jersey Tour Jersey

We had so much fun playing with our "kaleidoscope logo" that we decided to offer an even – yes – bigger look. This fun alternate jersey design offers a bold style for those who enjoy turning heads as they ride by. You can order this jersey alone, or just go huge and get 'em both! Jerseys will be handed out at the beginning of the 2014 event.

The Next Level: Le Patron

Tour Jersey Tour Jersey

When you're the undisputed boss of the peloton, you earn the nickname of "Le Patron." And what a fantastic coincidence: If you become a member of Greater Yellowstone Coalition at a certain level, you become a Patron. That's just too much to pass up – so we have a special offer for you: Make a $250 donation to GYC when you register, and you'll become a CGY member at the Patron level and also get an extremely-limited-edition Le Patron jersey. The design takes the handsome event jersey and puts an exclusive spin on it. Only a few riders will ever own this jersey, so you'll stand out in the crowd – and know that you're doing even more to support conservation programs for Greater Yellowstone Coalition. Order this jersey today!


What Our Riders Said:

“The ride was better than I expected, and I expected a lot.”