Route Elevation Profile

Day 1 - 70 Miles & 2,700 ft. elevation gain
Day 2 - 35 Miles & more TBA
Day 3 - 75 Miles & 1,200 ft. elevation gain
Day 4 - 57 Miles & 4,600 ft. elevation gain
Day 5 - 94 Miles & 4,700 ft. elevation gain
Day 6 - 72 Miles & 2,700 ft. elevation gain
Day 7 - 59 Miles & 2,900 ft. elevation gain

The Route Makes the Ride

A great bike tour has to have a baseline component: a great route. Organization, amenities, education and inspiration - all are important, but the riding must be spectacular. Not only is the course gorgeous, it appeals to all types of riders. Our course combines both valley floors and mountain passes. See for yourself by looking through the route pages. Better yet, join us for the week and enjoy the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem via handle bars and a bike saddle.

2016 Route

Simply Montana – that’s what is in store for Cycle Greater Yellowstone 2016. Seven days filled with majestic views, climbs, and descents through Montana back roads, legendary ghost towns, and scenic byways. We can't wait for you to see this route - we know you'll love it just as much as we do.


What Our Riders Said:

“Your route crews are wonderful! They stand in the heat and the cold and the wind and the rain and make sure we don't miss a turn. AND, they always have a smile. Amazing!”