Greater Yellowstone Coalition

The Greater Yellowstone Coalition (GYC) was founded in 1983 and has pioneered the ecosystem concept ever since. Our simple premise: An ecosystem will remain healthy and intact only if the parts are managed and allowed to function as a whole.

More than thirty years later, GYC is nationally renowned as America's Voice For A Greater Yellowstone — the only organization dedicated solely to protecting the lands, waters and wildlife of the 20-million-acre Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Today, GYC has more than 45,000 Voices worldwide who care passionately about Yellowstone National Park — the world's first — and the surrounding wild lands that comprise one of the last remaining intact ecosystems.

GYC's work on behalf of the lands, waters, wildlife and quality of life in Greater Yellowstone is driven by the people who love this place and is based on sound science. We envision a future where wildlife populations remain healthy and mobile, where ecological processes work with minimal intervention, where exceptional recreational opportunities like fishing, hiking and hunting continue to abound, and where communities enjoy a healthy and diversified economy.

With offices located in Bozeman, Montana, Jackson and Cody, Wyoming, and Driggs, Idaho, GYC is able to engage people on the ground and in the communities on a daily basis. GYC's dedicated staff live, work and recreate in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and nobody knows its lands, waters, wildlife, and voices better than they do.

We invite you to learn more about GYC, their work for the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and how you can help play a part in protecting it for current and future generations. Go to the GYC website, or read about their successes over three decades.

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