Riding Through The Cause and supporting our communities

Cycle Greater Yellowstone (CGY) is a fully supported bicycle tour traveling through unique and charming Montana communities for seven days, all in the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. By bringing you into the heart of the GYE, you experience firsthand the wonders of this special place. In addition to riding through the cause, CGY has given $127,000 over the past three years through our community grant program to help support these special communities. The Community Grant program is in addition to our commitment of hiring local vendors within the GYE. Once you ride here, you'll understand why the Greater Yellowstone Coalition is dedicated to protecting this area and supporting the communities within the GYE through Cycle Greater Yellowstone.

About the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Volunteer With Us

Cycle Greater Yellowstone is always looking for people to join our Volunteer Crew. Do you want to spend a week in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem? Check out our volunteer opportunities here.  Volunteer spots have been filled for 2016, but please check back for 2017!

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Get on the List!

If you’re thinking about joining us this year, next year, or beyond, stay up to date on all the CGY news by signing up to be on the Interest List. It’s simply a way for us to keep in touch with you. We’ll send you updates on the event (like important news about the event, or if we’re close to selling out). We won’t send you junk emails, or ever give anyone else your info.

What does Fully Supported Mean?

Cycle Greater Yellowstone includes:

  • Camping space
  • Three full meals per day
  • Food and hydration at rest stops
  • SAG and mechanic support
  • Evening entertainment
  • Showers
  • Baggage transfer to each camp

Need more information to make your decision? Contact us here or for more options such as Tent Sherpa.

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