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The first Cycle Greater Yellowstone was an absolute blast, and our nearly 700 riders are out telling people stories about it. They’ve seen the kind of event we’re putting on: top-notch vendors and service, a ton of amenities, and breathtaking scenery to ride though. That’s why 96 percent of them rated CGY 2013 a positive experience – and 96 percent would also recommend it to a friend.

Well, here’s where it gets really good: Year Two is going to be even better. We’ve got dozens of ideas from you to improve an already-great event – many of them straight from our riders. And the route we’re working on is even more varied and scenic than 2013’s.

So the word is out: Cycle Greater Yellowstone is on the list of must-do rides. This is a fully supported tour that’s so well planned, all you have to do is eat, sleep and ride – although we’ll provide plenty more to do in between.

Take the time to cruise around the website to get the full scoop – and then sign yourself up for an adventure (and see accommodations here), including our Tent Sherpa service.

Interest List

If you’re thinking about joining us in 2014 (or beyond) but you’re not able to register today, you can stay up to date on all the CGY news – it’s easy: Just sign up to be on the Interest List. It’s simply a way for us to keep in touch with you. We’ll send you updates on the event (like if we’re close to selling out). We won’t send you junk emails, or ever give anyone else your info.

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The Cause

Riding Through the Cause

One of the best things about this "cause-based event" is that you're literally riding through the cause every day. The Greater Yellowstone Coalition conceived of this event as a way to bring people into the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, to experience firsthand the wonders of this special place. This ride is, in effect, an awareness program. Once you ride here, you'll understand why Greater Yellowstone Coalition is dedicated to protecting this area. Read more about GYC’s mission and commitment.



CGY 2014 Information Video

Want a taste of the tour? Check out this video, with footage from last year’s ride and information about this year’s route.


2013 slideshow

What Our Riders Said:

“Having not done a ride like this before, I think I may be spoiled by doing the best first!”